There are a few signs this week that things are on an upswing.

1. I got a check in the mail for $50.  $50, which I neither earned nor expected; some class-action settlement from some phone thing I didn’t know about from 2006.  It’s real.  I cashed it.  I’m going to spend it all on on hot dogs and Cracker Jacks at the Durham Bulls game tonight.

2.  A bottle of nail polish jumped off my shelf and shattered itself all over the place.  Normally, that would be an inconvenience; in this case, however, it was gold nail polish, which I don’t wear often but love because it is just trashy enough.  I mostly cleaned up the mess, but there is still a little glimmer of gold all over several things which aren’t usually glimmery.  I’ve decided that’s a good thing.  I’m keeping it.

3.  My Mystery Build project has gone vertical.  It’s still in the rudimentary stages, and these are still not my actual ingredients from the kit.  But I’m circling around a plan.

4.  I accomplished my major professional development goal for the summer, which was to take a picture of the teeny tiny office lizard.  He’s not much bigger than a quarter, and I only see him on the days when I get to work first, and seriously people, he waits on the stoop until I open the door, and then scampers in yelling, “wheeeeeee!”  It almost makes going to work in the morning worth it.  Usually a) I’m not first, and b) he immediately hides in this pile of mess which my boss won’t let us move (and grows a little every week):

Once he’s hiding under something, I respect his privacy, because I appreciate that first thing in the morning, too.  But today, he hung out on the brick wall and posed for a photo:




My next professional development goal, of course, is to take a legible picture of the lizard.

5) Right now it’s 75 degrees, and my garden looks like it’s going to pull through.

Happy midweek, all.  Off to the ballpark.  Hope your day is filled with similar small triumphs and signs of good things to come.

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