Ah, Weekend.

After some angry ranting at lunch today, I talked myself through the question of how I might develop more patience.  And then I remembered, oh yes, I taught school for ten years, from kindergarten to middle school, over a thousand children.  I tied a million shoelaces and endured a million parent/teacher conferences and survived a million staff meetings and graded a million papers and mediated a million tween dramas.  Patience is not my deficit.  I have patience that would weather away pyramids.

I just need some of the people in my immediate vicinity to stop acting like jackasses.

It was a good afternoon to put on headphones and work quietly on renovation plans.  It was also a good afternoon to announce an early departure, gather some girls, and head to Durham for happy hour.  Happy hour today was this band at the Casbah:

Michael Rank and Stag, whom I’ve referred to before in these pages as being fantastic.  For starters:  I count four plaid shirts, two hats, two electric guitars, some fabulous hair, and a phenomenal pair of cowboy boots.  As I’ve also previously mentioned, if you have a fiddle and/or a pedal steel guitar in your band, you pretty much already have my heart, and there’s nothing you can do to shoo me away, but it’s more than that. Stag, it seems, is a rotating band of musicians who play along with Michael Rank.  I love that- a collaborative effort, with people who are clearly having a good time playing together.   It takes a village, on or offstage.  The show was great, although at one point I almost climbed up into the sound booth and said, “Dude! Turn up the vocals! These lyrics are really good and they are getting lost in this wall of sound,” but I was wearing my pink wedge sandals, and was pretty sure sound guy was therefore not going to take me seriously.  I have no street cred.  No matter.  We enjoyed every bit of it.

After that it was Old Ceremony at American Tobacco.  Another gorgeous night, and a chill snuck into the air while we leaned on the brick wall and let the music wash over us. It is crazy, people, just crazy how much good music we have here within arm’s reach.

By the time the show ended, the sun had just set, and it was noted that the sky was exactly the same color as my dress, and we found dinner on a patio overlooking the ballpark.

And we sat behind the bull.

So, music and laughter and baseball and nachos, with two people who have never ever behaved like jackasses to me.  We got excited about the chill in the air, and plans for the Labor Day, and acknowledged the things about our respective weeks which were ridiculous, and moved on to better things.

Much better things.

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One Response to Ah, Weekend.

  1. Dan Andrews says:

    “I have patience that would weather away pyramids.” Holy shit that’s a great line!

    Great review of the show. You really get it! I was there also-(guy to the rght of Michael at the corner of the stage, in the grey shirt -I don’t do plaid)…. wish we could have met. As far as the vocals….that’s a long story….but that’s how Michael wants to present his songs.

    Sounds like you had a great night. Good for you. Keep writing…It’s really good.


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