Jacket Weather

It’s been one-step-forward-and-two-steps-back for a few weeks now.  Tonight, finally, I feel like I took several steps forward at once:

Friends, Carrboro taco truck, Cat’s Cradle, Tonk, and Chatham County Line, in that order. It was perfect.  All of that, and I had to run back into the house and grab a jacket as I was leaving Raleigh.  For now, at least, the weather has broken, the oppressive heat has left us, and it feels like there’s fall in the air.  Tonight was everything that last Saturday night wasn’t.  It was just what I needed.

Tonk has made it to the list of exactly two bands I will see every time they play nearby.  I can’t hear them without being transported back to being a little kid in the back of the car on road trips, with Dad’s old-school country music playing. Their covers are great, but their original songs make me feel that way, too.  I just love them.

The other band of the list, of course, is Chatham County Line; unless you’re new here, you’ve heard me say that before.

Tonight’s show was flawless as always, other than the obnoxious crowd at the Cradle. During the second encore, they did “Help Me Make It Through the Night,” and I almost swooned when they started with “Take the ribbons from your hair….” It was so good that it was the closest I’ve ever come to throwing my clothes onstage at a concert.

Kidding.  Forget I said that.  I am a nice girl.  I would probably absolutely not do that. Really, it’s tempting it’s out of the question. Mostly. Totally.

One of these days Cat’s Cradle is going to ban me from buying any more tickets for threatening inappropriate behavior.  Or, more likely, for never making good on any of these threats. Until then, I’ll just keep showing up and having perfect evenings with people I love. Hope I’ll see you there.

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