You have got to see these feet.

If there is anything cuter than five-day-old baby feet, I don’t know what it is, unless it’s anything under eight pounds that hiccups.  And then smiles at you.  And then hiccups some more and then stretches and falls asleep in your arms.

All of my little people are growing up fast, y’all.  My littlest godson can sing most of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” while playing along on the piano.  He’s pretty much a prodigy, even if his favorite game right now is running around naked in circles laughing hysterically before naptime.  My three year old whirling dervish goddaughter with the blonde ringlet curls is learning how to swim.  My oldest godson started kindergarten this week, although I’m pretty sure he’ll promoted to AP classes soon.  That kid could pick out all of his letters before he could walk steadily. My niece and nephew are big enough to be riding bikes and having slumber parties and engaging in trash-talk, which I love, and my favorite neighbors are doing things like playing hockey and going out for middle school football.

I knew all of them when their feet were as tiny as baby Max’s, in the picture above. It’s crazy how fast they go from snuggling to crawling to reading to playing football.  And then another itty-bitty one comes along to remind you where it all starts.

Congratulations, Mom and Dad.  Max is perfect.  This is going to be fun.

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