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It’s been kind of a lost weekend.  I had dozens, just piles and piles, of to-dos to accomplish.  This is pretty much what I did instead: Porch swing, and Gone Girl. I mean, I didn’t even…I didn’t think that…how the … Continue reading

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Safety First, Safety Second

Heads-up, people.  Seatbelts on.  Look both ways.  I just witnessed three incidents of vehicular mayem in my 20 minute walk home, and one of them was me, so something is off-kilter. So I’m a few blocks up Dawson Street from … Continue reading

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I plan to blame everything I am about to say on the flu shot I just got at Target. It’s the dog thing again.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  The hypothetical dog I probably shouldn’t get.  My levelheaded self … Continue reading

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I stopped by the flea market this weekend. Did you know, by the way, that this is North Carolina’s only world-famous architectural wonder?  People will always say “Biltmore House” first, but this one is way more important. Anyway.  I was … Continue reading

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Not Subtle, Universe

This was the card they gave me while I waited for my Kokyu taco last night outside of Motorco: Change requires a schedule.  Sheesh.  I get it, already. Onward with the to-do list.  How’s yours coming?

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Story Slam

Last night was a Story Slam at the Monti in Durham: seven storytellers, six minutes each, three teams of judges.  The rules:  the story you tell must be true, you must tell your story without notes, and you must tell … Continue reading

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The day I wrote about de-cluttering my online life this week, our office manager said she’d been looking at photos of people tucking home offices into closet spaces.  I had a blinding, road-to-Damascus type flash of understanding that this was … Continue reading

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