Hopscotch Countdown

I got kind of excited and packed a bag for Hopscotch.  I’m 36 hours early, and anyway, all the venues are between four and twelve blocks from my house.  It’s not like I’ll be camping or anything.  I plan to enjoy it, though, and I’m going prepared.  Here’s what I figure I’ll need:

1) comfy shoes, because although I’m sure I’ll start out in boots, I won’t make it a million miles on foot without comfy shoes

2) a notebook and a really good pen, because even if it makes you look like you’re posing as a hipster poet or such the like, you never know when you’ll hear something you have to write down right this second, and if I’m going to a lecture on “Atavistic Power” I will of course have to write down exactly what that means

3) my water bottle, because if we’re going from noon until 2 a.m., we need to stay hydrated, people

4) hair bands, it’ll be hot at those afternoon parties

5) baby wipes, because did I mention, it’ll be hot

6) cash, but just a little, please do not let me by any music or concert posters, I can not buy any more music this month

7) a tiny camera, because although I want my Iphone camera to be better than it is, it will always insist on taking blurry pictures at night.

Not pictured are:

8) my 100+ sunblock, because I plan to be outdoors listening to music for hours and hours and not sitting in my dimly-lit office, and a handful of earplugs.  (Safety first.  And, heck, safety second, you want to be able to hear Hopscotch next year, too)

9) my phone, because how else will I find my friends? But I hope to look at it as little as possible, because I’m not going to be at Hopscotch to make sweet, sweet love to my cell phone all weekend; I’ll be at Hopscotch to hear as much music as possible.

(Also not pictured are snacks.  That is why God gave us hot dog stands and Mecca steak sandwiches.)

I’ll bet everyone going this weekend has a list that looks something like this:

and really, it’s the most important thing you’ll take.  You’ll have much tidier schedules; pull-out guides, smart phone apps, google calendars, spreadsheets.  But I’d place money on the fact that every music fan has the scrawled-out list composed while sitting at work when the boss is distracted with, say, tractor parts and vintage maps.  This side of mine is just the day parties (you can see Tonk gets the double rectangle, which indicates commitment).  The other side, the evening schedule, is so marked up with x’s and squares and question marks that it’s just baffling.  But that’s all part of the fun.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something.  But it will all be fine.

It’s Hopscotch.

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