Hopscotch: Sunday

By the time Tucker  joined us on the sidewalk at Raleigh Times tonight for dinner, I was face down on the table next to my water glass.

“Ow ow ow ow ow” I was saying to Julia.

We did the tally, with me barely awake.  Turns out, I managed

33 shows, 31 different bands

39 hours of Hopscotching

7 hours of volunteering

11 hours of work

in 4 days.

No wonder everything hurts.  Actually, the only region in real pain is everything between my knees and my bellybutton.  Turns out that’s where all my hip-swerving and swiveling dancing muscles are.  And a lot of the standing ones, and most of the walking-from-venue-to-venue ones.

I joined Julia at Slim’s for the day party this afternoon, since she hadn’t been able to make it to the rest of Hopscotch.  (I know.  Heroic sacrifice.  I am that kind of friend.)  Tate came out and joined us, since she missed Shovels and Rope last night, and Tracy and Gregg showed up in time for American Aquarium.  Due entirely to sleep deprivation, I was not in peak condition; I spent the first half of the show slow-dancing with the staircase, as that was all that was holding me up.  Last night was a late one, as were the two before that.  The railing was just the right height for me to lean my head on it, while I held on and swayed.  It worked out fine.

The Slim’s party was Say, Brother (that, by the way, is how tambourine is done, with every fiber of your being,)

followed by Chip Robinson and the Vibe Killers,

and then Naked Gods.

We were really damn close for American Aquarium, which is a fun place to be.

And then it was Shovels and Rope.  By this point I was so achy I had to take some of Julia’s Tylenol so I could stand up for the show.  But I was not leaving my spot, having come this far.  The band did a really different set from the one last night, or maybe I am so addled from all the Hopscotching that there was more overlap than I remembered, but I loved it all over again.  So did the rest of the crowd, even as weary as we all were.

I would do it all again this minute.  I wouldn’t change many of my decisions; I’d say in the end I regretted just 3 of the 33 choices I made.  That’s not a bad percentage, given the array of bands and venues laid out for the festival.  There were some fun surprises, some old favorites, and some locals and some far-flung artists, and plenty of new music to love.

Thanks, Hopscotch.  Can’t believe the work that must have gone into making all of that run so well, and be so accessible to the fans, and bring this many moving parts and interesting people together.  It’s a huge score for downtown Raleigh.  It’s a huge weekend for music.

Going directly to bed.  See you out there next year.

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