I stopped by the flea market this weekend.

Did you know, by the way, that this is North Carolina’s only world-famous architectural wonder?  People will always say “Biltmore House” first, but this one is way more important.

Anyway.  I was at the flea market hoping for a piece of swank mid century modern furniture I could fix up for my guest room, and then I remembered that I have to craigslist furniture out of my house before I can bring anything else in.

So I bought records instead, like you kind of have to do at the flea market. This one’s getting framed and going up on the album wall:

and, although I have never actually listened to the BoDeans, I suspected that I would like them because it’s the third time I’ve encountered them this week for some odd reason.  (I was right.)

I bought this one only because I love the version of “On Raglan Road” he does with the Chieftans.  I find myself wondering what he would look like if Willie convinced him to braid his hair, too.  Kind of amazing, I think.

The real treasure was this one:

and it’s even better on the other side:

Sorry, ladies.  We no longer have the foundation garment technology required to carry off this type of trying-to-put-toothpaste-back-into-a-tube skin-tight flared-leg embroidered-roses jumpsuit.  (Not that it will stop me from trying.)  I’ve listened to the song Jolene three times in a row, and it’s been stuck in my head since Sunday. It’s badass.  I don’t know why; no red-haired beauty is trying to steal my man, mainly because I don’t have a man to steal, but you can’t help feeling her pain anyway.  Don’t even get me started on “I Will Always Love You.”  It holds up, people.  It holds up.

All of this for $9.  It was supposed to be $11.50, but the record guy only took cash and, well, that was all I had.  He wouldn’t let me put any of them back, least of all Dolly.

Kind of hard to buy that much happiness for $9 any other way, don’t you think?

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One Response to Jolene

  1. Caroline says:

    I ❤ The Bo Deans! Saw them live a few times in the 90's.

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