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John Vanderslice

I am never, ever sorry when I choose Tuesday night music:

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Bound? And Determined.

I was at a construction meeting a while back when there was a lull in the conversation, and the eight or nine guys at the table with me all got to talking about pocketknives.  For real, one by one, they … Continue reading

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Four Leaf Clover

Ohhh have mercy I stayed out too late at Cat’s Cradle. In a classic case of Embarrassment of Riches, I saw the Old 97’s again last night, four days after Springsteen.  I am wrung out, spent, and also internally balanced … Continue reading

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A Mighty Fine Idea

It’s been a Life List kind of week. After I heard Springsteen sing Thunder Road this week, I was talking with the other Life List girls about what’s next.  Julia’s about to run the New York City marathon.  Audrey’s keeping … Continue reading

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Get You Some

Public service announcement: Square Rabbit is selling election cookies. For this, I am willing to eat blue food coloring. Go get ’em!

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America the Beautiful

I can’t tell you how badly I needed a change of scenery this week.  It’ll do wonders for your perspective, especially when the scenery is country roads in October. After last night’s adventure, I came back to my bed for … Continue reading

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Springsteen: The Arena Rock Version

So.  I have just returned from Springsteen.  It was pretty good. I wish I could call it great, or transformative, or soul-shaking.  It wasn’t for me, although it absolutely was for most of the crowd. He’s a legend.  He really … Continue reading

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