For A Good Time Call

So, it was girls night.  We went to a movie about phone sex.

I know, stop looking at me like that, it was way better than you might think, given the title.  There were some really funny lines when we laughed so hard the poor lone man eight rows ahead looked mortified, and I only had to go into fetal position once.  This is the part where I should say, it’s not really a story about phone sex, it’s a story about friendship.  But know what?  It’s totally a movie about phone sex.

The side story here is that the girl who co-wrote, co-starred in, and co-produced this movie is one of Julia’s high school friends, and so Audrey and Julia and I have been waiting for this for ages, and we went as soon as it came to town.  She’s great in it.  We’ve been hearing stories about her red carpets and round of talk shows and how much fun she’s had with the whole experience.  Julia was marveling about how Lauren looks just like herself in the movie; she really is that sweet, and that smart, and that pretty.  Julia said, “It’s just how I think about all of my friends- and wow, it’s so interesting to see her up on a big screen like that.  It’s like any of us could be up there starring in a movie!”

I couldn’t.  But I love that idea, and I’m happy to be two-degrees-of-separation from someone who can.  It does make me wonder, though, if Lauren can decide to be a movie star and then go be a movie star, what else we can all get done? What dreams of our own we can make come true?  Maybe we should dream a little bit bigger that we previously thought? Maybe it’s not entirely crazy?

Worth thinking about.


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