Funnel Cake

I woke up this morning four pounds lighter.

This is bizarre. I understand nothing.  It is North Carolina State Fair week.

There was also one perfect pecan, in its shell, left on my doorstep this morning.  I don’t understand that either.  There is a pecan tree in my neighborhood, 1/4 mile away.  How did a pecan make it all the way down to my doorstep? Did some small woodland creature leave it there?  Why??


We went back to the fair today.  Third trip in five days: a personal best.  We conducted it like a bank heist.  We waited for someone to quit at my office.  Then we checked the boss man’s calendar to determine our window of opportunity.  Our office manager drove the getaway car.  Actually, she started it, she said the magic words that will get you into my heart:

corn dog.

Also: she had never tried a funnel cake. It was a mission of mercy.  So, we lit out of the office as if we were shot out of a cannon, and hit the drop-off gate at noon.  I had cash and a grocery list.  She had a circle-the-block-in-crazy-traffic plan.

I am soooo good at this.  I entered the ticket gate, laid out the corn dog-roasted corn-funnel cake plan, and went to work.  I spotted the first roasted corn stand, calculated the distance to the funnel cake, and had to work a bit harder to find the corn dogs.  I might also have made a date with a candy apple for later.  I worked from the farthest out (corn dogs) back to the gate (funnel cake) so that the funnel cake would still be hot when Office Manager Getaway Car Driver collected me on the side of Hillsborough Street. I was in and out in 12 minutes.

At this point, I’ll have to say that holding a funnel cake inside the fairgrounds feels decadent.  Holding a funnel cake outside the fairgrounds while waiting for your ride feels a little bit trashy.

It’s worth it.  We took it all to Pullen Park, other than the half a funnel cake we ate in the car, and had lunch at the picnic tables on the way back to the office.  We made it back to the office three minutes before the boss. It was a teeny bit of workday freedom, in a week of tile submittals and construction meetings.

It was State Fair magic.

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