An Open Letter to the Gentleman Beside Me,

Who Took a Phone Call During Thunder Road,

Dear Sir,

You answered your loudly ringing cell phone next to me, while The Man Who Embodies Rock and Roll and The American Spirit poured his soul out with an acoustic guitar and sang my favorite song of all time.

You probably didn’t know I have waited decades for this moment, or that I drove five hours and took two unpaid days off of my hourly intern architect job in order to hear this song, and that this moment came at great cost to me.

I allowed you to live, only because this afternoon’s Obama rally show was a surprise performance for me, and I fully expected to hear this song again a few hours later at the arena.  And also: because there is a special place in hell for people who take phone calls during songs of this caliber, or any songs performed live, really, and my ire is nothing compared to what you will experience there.  Good luck with that.

Kindest regards to your wife and small children.  Commence setting a better example.



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