First Friday

It’s okay.  I know.  You can go ahead and say it.  You’re jealous of my new Johnny Swank shirt, which I just bought at First Friday.

That’s fine, he has plenty! Go get yourself one! We’ll be Raleigh t-shirt twins!

I almost walked away with the North Carolina one, or the one that says, “Namaste, bitches!” but I really do love this one.

We started First Friday at Oak City Cycling, where they had food trucks, beer from Trophy (thumbs up to the Slinghot porter!), Slingshot Coffee, and lots of bikes.  This picture was on the early side, but it was jam-packed, just wall-to-wall people, by the time we left for barbecue.  It’s a great spot for a party.  Clearly the First Friday Place To Be.

Then there was a barbecue cook-off and some music at City Market, and we made it to the Morning Times market for as long as we could, but wow, November? Cold, even under the heat lamps.

Not going to lie, I was home on my couch by 9:30.  I’ll be in bed by 10:15.  I got up before the sun came up this morning to work on my Insane Plan of Writing a Novel in Thirty Days.  It was still dark when I sat down with my computer at Third Place to write 1,600 words before work.  I’ve earned an early night.  But so far, so good.

I’m not going to get cocky this early though.  The thing is, I’m amazing at starting things, and not always amazing at finishing.  I’ll get excited and dive in headfirst and give it all I’ve got, until something way more interesting comes along.  Nobody gets to talk any smack until somewhere around 40,000 words.

Also, after I walked home tonight, everything in my busted knee just did a somersault again, and wow, that really hurt, and now I am afraid to move, and I am increasingly concerned that November will not be nearly as much fun as I would like it to be.  I guess, in theory, if I have to stop walking until this situation resolves itself, I’ll get a lot more writing done.  That is not my first choice scenario.  That sounds like no fun at all.

Please send duct tape. Pretty sure duct tape will fix anything.  Until then I am sitting really still.  (And typing.)

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