Oh! Of Course.

After last night’s string of mostly self-inflicted debacles (including but not limited to: lost ATM card, lost ID, empty gas tank, dying cell phone, lost keys, wrong turns, and late arrivals) I slept for three hours, got up and went for coffee, found that I could not communicate with anyone, could not get my wireless to work at Whole Foods, spilled my coffee, mangled a drawing, and suffered the final indignity:  got to work and promptly lost my phone.

I had this phone in my hand minutes ago.

I needed this phone to navigate forty different planning discussions in progress.

My “find my Iphone” feature told me my phone was somewhere in my immediate vicinity.  No matter.  I still could not find it.

On the heels of ransacking my house at 3 a.m. last night for my lost ATM card, today’s twenty minutes of searching for a phone that was somewhere at my current address and yet still so very lost was the last straw. I do not generally lose things.  I am not generally late.  I am not generally lost, not for long.  I do not generally flirt with running out of gas. I had a blinding flash of understanding.  I did a quick google search.

Mercury in retrograde.  I blame mercury in retrograde.  Want to know when it started?


Laugh if you will.  At least you have something to blame while you’re arm-wrestling the Forces of Chaos.  And searching for your Iphone.

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