A Delicate Balance

It’s been an action-packed few days here at Carolina Gypsy.

I’ve had an unexpected week off of work, during which I accomplished the following:

  • I watched 22 episodes of Arrested Development.
  • I shelled 4 1/2 cups of pecans (which took 14 episodes of Arrested Development.)
  • I started three new books from the library.
  • I almost finished my homemade Christmas presents.
  • I wrote a honky tonk song.  Halfway.
  • I watched 2 football games on television.  I don’t watch football on television.
  • I answered all my e-mails, read every blog I follow, read the New York Times, played Stupid Zombies on my Iphone, finished the crossword puzzle, painted my nails, painted my toenails, and made my December baking list.

Week One of couch time hasn’t been half bad, other than the expensive and inconvenient knee situation.  Heading into Week Two of couch time, I’m starting to feel kind of . . . dumb.  My friends asked me tonight what I’d done all day, and it was a sincere struggle to tell them.  There was some vague errand and some vague TV movie (oh, Target! and Practical Magic, doesn’t everyone get teary when Aidan Quinn finally shows up and says, you know I wished for you, too?) and then there was a whole bunch of time on the couch, so today looked pretty much like most of the rest of the week.

Eventually I’ll get put back together, and then I’ll have to go to back to work.  Right now, I can get around slowly for an hour or two at at time, and then I crash because it takes a lot more work than usual to balance.  It’s like living on a Bosu ball, except for when I’m flopped on my couch.   I spent two hours at my desk on Friday putting things in order, and then I had to collapse for the next ten hours.  Not that I particularly minded, except that being horizontal is beginning to interfere with my social life and my live music attendance, and THAT is serious business.

I’ll have a better idea how long couch time will last once I see the doc again and he tells me what my MRI said.  Meanwhile, my to-do list for the week has a pretty good mix of accomplishing serious tasks, finishing couch-appropriate projects, and figuring out how to work the RedBox at the WilcoHess station, as I am almost out of movies and it refused to dispense any dvds today.  Also: happily accepting suggestions for which television shows I should Hulu, which novels I may have missed, and what daredevil stunts I should try as soon as I’m repaired. (I’m thinking snowboarding but I’m open to suggestion.)

Time for a nap on the couch. Send news of the outside world.

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