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I’m Not Wearing Any Underwear

Ah. I can see that I have your attention. Last New Year’s, a bunch of us decided to follow the Latin American tradition of wearing new underwear on New Year’s Eve.  You were supposed to pick a color, and the … Continue reading

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On the Town

I haven’t gotten out much lately. November was the knee injury, so I spent some quality time on my couch and then there was the being broke from the unpaid quality time I spent on my couch, plus physical therapy. … Continue reading

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Oh, well.  I used to be a responsible, law-abiding, conscientious, organized citizen.  I don’t know where I’ve gone wrong.  Probably grad school, when I spent 18 hours a day at my desk and only visited my house from time to … Continue reading

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Blessed Sleep

Fletch and I spent the morning in front of the Christmas tree, watching rainy day movies. We watched Fletch, actually.  I thought he should see it during his formative weeks.   My favorite neighbors were kind enough to locate it and … Continue reading

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Eve Eve

Everyone at the North Hills Target was disoriented today, myself most certainly included. Either a) we did not have enough coffee this morning, or b) nobody could work out how  weren’t finished with Christmas yet, when we started working on … Continue reading

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Dive Bar

There was bourbon in my hot chocolate, to begin with. Julia got to IHOP before the rest of us did, and had secured us a table and ordered us drinks.  “Hot chocolate!!” we said when we sat down.  “Hot chocolate, … Continue reading

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I think it was darn nice of Chatham County Line to throw me a birthday party.  Thanks, y’all.  Last night they invited 750 people to the Haw River Ballroom to celebrate.  There was a massive tree.   There was a … Continue reading

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