Fletch had his first bath today.  I have never been wetter.

This is not going to turn into a dog blog, at least not permanently.  However, getting the new puppy settled is all I’m doing right now, other than working as little as possible and dealing with the knee thing, so dog is what you’re getting. There will not be a daily dog photo. Except while he is this cute.  I mean, just look at this face.

sleepyWe are working on Fletch, Drop It; Fletch, Come; and Fletch, Stay. None of those are even remotely successful yet.  This does not faze me.  I used to teach middle school.  I have patience in spades. Not so much out in the front yard at four a.m., at which point I just want to go back to bed, but he’s sweet enough to make that okay, too.

He’s too little for the leash and really just wants to chew on it, but he doesn’t mind the harness.  We’re just getting used to it.  Ollie told me she loans her dog to her single neighbors to use as an icebreaker when they hope to encounter friendly eligible strangers out at the park.  I told her I would straight-up teach Fletch to entangle Handsome Cowboys in his leash.   That part he has down already.   The tangling, I mean.  This is me he’s entangled, while picking veggies in the garden.  We’ll have to work on a code word for cowboys later. First, I’d just like to make it around the yard.


I’m sleep deprived, y’all, but he’s worth it.  I thought I’d spend this holiday season out and about,  in the middle of a million activities and projects and outings.  I’ll do some of that, but I think someone knew that wasn’t really what I needed this year.  We’re staying home and making Christmas cookies, and reading cards, and tying ribbons on presents.

IMG_4094When he’s had enough of that, Fletch hooks his chin over my knee and pins me to the floor, then chews on something or other until he falls asleep adorably.  He won’t be this little and sleepy for long, so I’m going to enjoy it while we sit under the Christmas tree.

Hope your holiday season is just as serene.

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