World Without End

So here we are.  The Mayan Apocalypse.  I hate to speak too soon, as of course there are still fourteen hours left in this day, but it appears that the world is going to keep spinning on its axis. Not only that, but the sun is out, and there’s a crisp breeze, and most of us are starting long holiday weekends, and everything is pretty serene today.

I looked up the apocalypse thing.  Turns out the Mayans weren’t actually predicting the end of the world, anyway.  There were several places on their calendar where change is predicted, and academic types think that was the intention of the 12/21/12 thing.  Change.

If I’m wrong, and there is some sort of world-ending spectacle before midnight, I’ll be at the Haw River Ballroom to hear Chatham County Line with a dozen of my favorite people.   There will be the three or four grad school guys there whom I consider to be brothers, and my dear friend Virginia is flying in from the west coast just in time to celebrate with us, and also a favorite coworker, a favorite neighbor, some favorite wives of aforementioned grad school brothers, and others who are just plain favorites.  Favorite band, favorite venue, favorite people who have laughed and cried with me for years, and who have generally kept me going strong.  It would be quite a way to go, apocalyptically speaking, but I don’t think it’ll come to that.  I think we’ll all raise a glass to friendship and music and Christmas and joy, and wake up tomorrow to the first day of a whole new chapter, Mayan calendar notwithstanding.

Tomorrow’s my birthday.  I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I’m pretty sure having a birthday on the first day of this Whole New Era, calendar-wise, makes me some kind of a queen or something.  I’ll be a fair and benevolent ruler, I promise, and my first order of business will be to abolish all kinds of ridiculousness that this year has brought us, and usher in this new year of Getting What We Want.  Forward motion, blue skies, and unexpected gifts will be the order of the day.  Accomplishments and collaborations and festivities and friendships will flourish.   There will be merrymaking and raucous music.

See you all there.

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