Eve Eve

Everyone at the North Hills Target was disoriented today, myself most certainly included.

Either a) we did not have enough coffee this morning, or b) nobody could work out how  weren’t finished with Christmas yet, when we started working on presents in August.  Where, where, where did the time go?  I thought I had it all under control, how was I still doing last-minute wrapping and errands?


Oh yes.  Dawg.  I got sidetracked, but of course I’m not sorry.  He has not pulled his weight when it comes to wrapping, baking, delivering, and mailing, but he’s made the Christmas season a lot more fun this year.

It’s been kind of a nonstop few weeks, and the new coffee I bought has not even kept me on an even keel.


I couldn’t believe it was Christmas Eve Eve tonight.


The Baby Jesuses from all three of my little nativity sets, one from Israel and one from Africa and one from Appalachia, have been inching closer every day to their Wise Men and shepherds and Marys and Josephs.  They’re soooo close.  That means it must be real.  Christmas must be happening, and soon.

I went to church for some serenity and quiet regrouping before heading for family Christmas festivities tomorrow.  (Always better to head into family festivities serene and regrouped.)  There were poinsettias and harps and candles.  The first carol was Jesus Christ, The Apple Tree.  It’s not one you hear very often, but it’s one of my favorites.  Then there were prayers for peace.

I usually take an evening to stroll through Oakwood at Christmastime and admire the lights and porches, ranging from tasteful and Victorian, to over-the-top and angling for Oakwood Garden Club prizes.  I haven’t found the time this year, but after church I decided to drive around Oakwood, and also took a few minutes to meander downtown and pick out the prettiest trees.  This one is my favorite:


Simple, sweet, and serene. May all your Christmases be likewise.

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