Worth It

I may have mentioned forty or fifty times lately that I’m not getting much sleep, due to the small insomniac puppy who runs my house.  I’d wager I have another couple of months before anyone’s sleeping through the night with any consistency, but I’ve been wrong before.  At any rate, even if it’s past his Official Bedtime, it takes something really good to get me out of the house on a weeknight during this particular phase.  It has to be Worth It.

I knew last night would be Worth It, since it was Michael Rank’s Stag at Local Band/Local Beer.  I was right. Lovisa and Willow and Nate and I claimed some barstools along the stone wall and caught up a bit over sound check and beer.


And then Stag did a set which I would describe as beautiful.  This is a rotating group of musicians, so even when the songs are the same, every show is a little different.  I’ve seen them with drums and fiddle and electric guitar, and I’ve heard them play when it was kind of a wall of sound, and I’ve enjoyed them every time.  Tonight, though, was acoustic, and it was just what I needed.  A couple of guitars, a mandolin, and is that a lap steel?  slide guitar?  We couldn’t figure out what it was called, or whether that’s technically acoustic, but it sounded gorgeous.  When it’s acoustic, it’s lyrics/vocals/harmony which take center stage, and when those things are great, you want them to.

And, thank you Universe, I love it when the band I came to see plays first.  I was home in bed by 11:30, and got five consecutive hours of sleep before Dawg wanted to go outside and frolic in dark and the rain.  Happy weekend, all.

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