We Will Collectively Ace This Year

2013 has gotten off to an uncertain start.

It’s not a bad thing, this being on the verge of change without knowing what’s on the other side yet.  Change is something I’ve asked for over and over and over in the past year.  I’m a blogger.  It’s documented, probably ad nauseam.  There are a number of changes I’d love to make, but the first one by necessity will be professional.  My firm is closing.  It’s out there.  The end is in sight.  I’m looking for a better fit.

At my desk this week, thinking about the coming year, I happened across a blog-post-of-a-blog-post about achieving 100 tiny resolutions this year.  100, in the face of an impending job search, sounded kind of insurmountable and fantastic.  It’s like a dare.  100. BOOM.

I am killer at a to-do list, but my resources are at a low ebb this week.  I e-mailed a bunch of other to-do list type people.  I cajoled them into joining me on a collaborative resolution list.  In 48 hours we were up to 114. By the end of the weekend we were at 130.

We (well I, because I am bossy if you put me in charge, I used to be a teacher) imposed the following rules:

  • everyone does something
  • nobody has to do everything
  • everyone can do anything
  • one point per success, ten-point grading scale, extra credit encouraged.

These goals are all over the page, as any list of 100 things created by a dozen people should be.  They are small goals (make a successful artisan loaf in my Dutch oven) and massive goals (finish my MBA). Far-flung goals (visit Graceland) and close-to-home goals (host a backyard movie night). Collaborative goals (get a bunch of people involved in a single art project so awesome you could cry) and highly personal goals (burn my NaNoWriMo novel ceremonially).  Best of all, they are all achievable goals.  We can help each other out.  Every goal will make someone’s day better, and a whole lot of goals shared by a whole lot of people means a whole lot of days are that much more fun this year.  You can visit the list here. Better yet, pull up a chair and join in.

Twelve months. 130 resolutions and counting. GO.

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