I thoroughly enjoyed the Wintry Mix we got this weekend.  I left work early on Friday.  I made Irish coffee.


There were also Cheetos. I will not have a snow day without Cheetos.  Don’t ask me to. I won’t do it.


Dawg and I enjoyed watching the Weather come down.  He was all, “Look! Ice cubes! It’s raining ice cubes! I LOVE ICE CUBES!” And we snuggled and watched trash television until we both got cabin fever.  Long walks are not an option when it’s icy out.  Dawg proceeded to chew on everything in sight.  There is a hole in my new jeans.  My patience was a bit depleted, twenty-four hours in.

I was ready to get out of the house Saturday.  There was First Frost at Fullsteam.  There was a Monte Cristo from La Farm.  There was an NCSU smackdown over UNC going on in the background.  And then there was Calexico at Cat’s Cradle.

It was great fun.  Calexico is one of those bands I first heard about a few months ago, and then suddenly I was hearing about them everywhere.  I put them on the to-do list.  But I didn’t buy any of their music beforehand, because I wanted to be surprised.

They actually broke a few of my key rules, but I’m totally okay with it.  Keyboards are usually a red flag for me.  More than four or five people onstage makes me suspicious about why so much backup is needed. And if you bring a brass instrument, I mean a straight-up TRUMPET onstage and you are not in a high school marching band,* then I will become enraged all out of proportion to the musical crime about to take place. I have been known to stomp out of a show when a tuba appears.  And yet: last night there were seven of these fine fellows, and a keyboard, and an accordion. And more than one brass instrument.


None of the energy was wasted, nothing was over the top, and everything coalesced.  Two trumpets came out AT THE SAME TIME, and I was prepared to do a giant eye-roll if necessary.  Willow looked sideways at me, but I was in a daze, transported to some other time and place.  Turns out, if you are playing trumpets while crooning me a love song in Spanish with pedal steel guitar plaintively wailing in the background, I’ll forgive you for….wait what was I prepared to complain about?  I have no idea.

It was mariachi zydeco gypsy honky tonk rock.  I loved it.


Here. Have this.  It’s a gorgeous instrumental. I’m off to buy a lot of music.

*Bombadil, you are always my exception.  Play any instruments you like. You can do no wrong.

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