Leaving Budapest

Last night the fine flurries of snow which had been falling steadily all day finally started to accumulate.  When I woke up the city was white, and the snow was still falling.


I took one last long ramble.  I started in the Old Jewish Quarter in Pest, and walked south and across the Elizabeth Bridge to the Citadel in Buda, in the middle of a snow field atop a steep hill.  I had it all to myself.  I rambled back across the Chain Bridge and past the shops in Vaci Street.


I tried to shake my hair out, but it was actually frozen. I decided after miles and miles of wandering in the February snow that I deserved a coffee.  I deserved, in fact, a coffee at the most beautiful coffeehouse in the world.  It’s so gorgeous that as soon as it opened, one of the writers who frequented this place threw the keys in the Danube so that it would have to stay open day and night.  I think that was a good move.


It was hard leaving Budapest.  They say it’s the most beautiful city in Europe, and you can certainly disagree, but I think there’s a solid case to be made there. (My vote is still for Istanbul though.)  I loved every minute of wandering about here, even in the snow. Especially in the snow. I needed a wholesale change of scene, just for a long weekend. Budapest was perfect.  I wouldn’t tell anyone where I was going ahead of time; less because I am that obnoxious, and more because I wanted it all to myself, at least until I discovered what I wanted to discover here.  Everybody’s been everywhere these days. Sometimes you want to know all the details in advance; sometimes it’s better if it’s all a mystery when you arrive.

So I shook the snow off, and packed my bags, and got on a plane feeling a good deal better than I did when I left home.  I’m not done yet, though. The real reason I’m in Europe this week was waiting for me in Brussels, and he’s even better than Budapest.  He’s just learned to giggle.

He’s even cuter in person, y’all.  This is going to be SO much fun.

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One Response to Leaving Budapest

  1. Joy Ingallinera says:

    Awesome. Enjoy…..

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