Unemployment is exhausting, y’all.  In a good way.

I took the first month to breathe easy.  I let the crazy stress of the dysfunctional office closing dissipate, took Dawg on long walks, and slept late-ish.  I submitted a slew of applications, but I did them as I felt like doing them.  I had a couple of interviews.  I ate comfort food.  I started books that have been sitting in a pile on the desk for months.  I drank a lot of coffee.  I stayed in my pjs till noon.

This is week 5 of job hunting, and I have moved from Phase I (targeted relaxation) to Phase II (to-do listing.)  I can go over the top with a to-do list, especially a new one.  It’s going well, though.  I like this phase.  There are certain things I am determined to prioritize every day: take Dawg for a walk at Fallon Park, run, practice Blackbird on the guitar.  Then there are house projects to finish, people to visit, volunteering to accomplish, new babies to snuggle, toddlers to entertain, cakes to bake, presents to wrap, rooms to paint, gardens to plant, stray design projects here and there. Beers to drink at Fullsteam.  Last night Dawg and I were there with some of my favorite people.  I had worn him out to the extent that he sat down on my foot, put his chin on my knee, and fell asleep that way.  Until he fell off, and I had to bundle him off to bed.  Crazy day, in the best way.  When I write it all down, and then check it all off, bam! I feel like I’ve accomplished things.

Actually, I have.  Solving the little problems (overflowing cookbooks to be purged, spring Goodwill run to clear out some clutter) makes me feel a lot more capable of getting to the next step.  I can now dash off an application in a matter of minutes.  The down time has been really, really lovely so far; here’s hoping it’s even lovelier with the oncoming spring sunshine.

My dream employer called.  Interview in three weeks.  I can’t even talk about how much I want it.  Meanwhile, I’m going to keep applying, keep taking care of the small things, and keep drinking beers with friends at Fullsteam.

Yesterday I made it through the first half of Blackbird without looking at the tabs at all.

I count unemployment as a success thus far.

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