Not Even Summer Yet

There is a reason the photograph below is so fuzzy, and it’s not because it’s a poor-quality iPhone concert picture taken by an amateur: Image It’s because everybody at Cat’s Cradle was melting.  I knew this would be the case, on a 95 degree day, but I wasn’t quite ready for the hottest day of the year so far to coincide with 800 of my closest friends packed into a music hall.

Y’all.  I have a brilliant idea.  There are, like, one million people currently living in the Triangle.  What if we all chipped in $1, and bought Cat’s Cradle an air conditioner?  A good one?  Think of the possibilities.

Willow left early, because damn it was hot, and Julia turned to me and asked, “How are you holding up?”   I told her, “I’m hot.  But I’m the only one in the room that is, so that’s fine.”  Anyone else ever noticed that the quality of crowd behavior in there is in inverse proportion to the temperature?  The girls in front of us, pogo-dancing to music only they could hear, squealed and giggled and took phone calls for the first fifteen minutes or so. “These guys are rilly good,” said the silliest.  “But I think Dawes is coming out in like an hour.”  Dawes, in fact, was already on song four.  But whatever.

It was worth it, y’all.  I’d consider going to see that guy sing on the equator at noon, if he rocked out “When My Time Comes” again like that.  Or anything else he wants to sing to me.  That voice. Shovels and Rope, of course, tore it up before that.  Those people are the real deal, and it was probably the biggest crowd for an opener I’ve ever seen in there.  As it should be. They’re selling out venues all over the country.

I got back home and it’s 86 degrees inside my house at midnight, since my air conditioner has been busted all week.  It was so bad this weekend that I had to send Dawg to summer camp at Mom’s house, where there is air conditioning and you are allowed on the sofa. Image I miss him, but he’s not built for the heat, and, well, neither am I.  But the good thing is, after a June evening at Cat’s Cradle,  86 degrees feels kind of pleasant.  A little chilly, even. Hoping for a cold front this weekend.

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2 Responses to Not Even Summer Yet

  1. Joy Ingallinera says:

    OMG! Shovels and Rope rocked it (or Americana-ed it) !?! And you are right…. The Dawes lead was a honey. However, the heat stole the show. I couldn’t drink water fast enough. Who do I give my dollar to?

    • Axis of Cool says:

      I say we start a Kickstarter campaign. Let’s crowd source this. Joy? How did I miss you again? How are we doing this? Next time! Crowd was crazy. We made it in at 8:29 and stood in the platform behind the sound guy. Better view, but higher is even hotter!

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