Blue Jay Way

I’ve been trying to figure out why all I feel like doing this weekend is napping, then drinking coffee on the porch because it’s shady and cool, and then napping some more. And then I thought through it, and remembered:

  • On Sunday I drove to Durham to see Willow’s new house and hang out with the girls at Fullsteam.
  • On Monday I drove to Durham to deliver Dawg to Julia, so her dawg Gracie could babysit him until my mother could take him until my a/c was fixed.
  • On Tuesday I drove to Durham to collect Dawg, and then drove him to Burlington, where my mother met me halfway to get him.
  • On Wednesday I drove to Carrboro to see Shovels and Rope and Dawes at Cat’s Cradle.
  • On Thursday I took the Bridge Bus to Durham to see the Bulls play.
  • On Friday I wrote a big check to the a/c guy and drove to Winston to collect Dawg.
  • On Saturday I drove to Carrboro again to see Chatham County Line.

Several of those nights I stayed out way too late.  One of those nights I had a drink called “El Diablo Sonriso.”  One should not have drinks called “El Diablo Sonriso,” and then stay out too late, and expect to feel fabulous the next morning at 6:15.  Even if it’s just the one drink. I am way under on vegetables for the week.  I am way over on mileage.  Oh, and I’m just barely up and running in a brand new job.  There’s been a lot going on.

Good thing Dawg is a really good at naps.  He’s on the lazy side, which I really admire about him, and he’s snuggly. Mostly he sleeps near my feet, but sometimes he scooches north and tries to take over a pillow.  He’s pretty subtle about it though.


Certain People will be horrified that I am posting a picture from my bedroom.  Certain Other People will be horrified that I finally caved on the no-dogs-on-the-bed rule.  Still Others are just tired of seeing photos of my dawg.  I’m too sleepy to care about all of the above. Because it was waaay after midnight when I got home, and it was waaay too early when we rolled out of bed.  So it’s a napping day.  But it was worth it.

It was a two-set Chatham County Line night, with new songs mixed in with the old ones, and they were all great.  I have a list of grievances about the crowd behavior, but I won’t bother typing them; let’s just say it was a C minus night in terms of conduct. Everyone was having a good time.  But lordy, they were loud about it.  Until this song:


And I remembered that it was two or three years back, standing in the same spot at the same venue with the same friend, and I was probably wearing the same red boots, and I heard them do this song for the first time.  That was when I turned to Audrey and declared that they were my favorite, for the first time but certainly not the last.

So last night the rowdy crowd fell silent for this one, and it was beautiful, and you could almost have sworn it was a respectable bunch of music fans, and then they all got rowdy again, but it was fine because the band did, too. Hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.

Rest up and enjoy your Sundays, y’all.  We’re off to take another nap.

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