Halfway to a Hundred, Plus Some Pleasant Surprises

It’s the end of June, which means we should be halfway through the 2013 to-do list.

I’m happy to report: we are.  As soon as someone (Veronica and I) checks off “eat breakfast at Oakwood Cafe,” that is, which should take place at exactly 10 a.m. on June 30.  Triumphant success, if all goes according to plan.  Oakwood Cafe will be our 50th list item for 2013.

You can find the list here, if you’re interested.  In a nutshell, we’re working very hard to have more fun in 2013 than we did in A Previous Year Which Shall Not Be Mentioned Again Because A Lot Of It Sucked Out Loud.  100 points is an A+.  So far, so good.

We started off around New Year’s,


and in the days when it was kind of a mild winter, but sometimes there were icicles,


and then there was a crocus or two,


and then I grew brussels sprouts in my winter garden.


It was baby owl season (bonus points if you can spot him,)


then suddenly it was strawberry season,


and then there were magnolia blossoms.


Right now the cicadas are cranking up, along with the fireflies.

We’ve accomplished a fair amount of fun.  Between us all, we’ve eaten at Poole’s,


gone to Merlefest,


had drinks at the Crunkleton,


and ridden the carousel at Pullen Park.


We’ve participated in Kirby Derby.


We’ve done First Friday, run races, biked to work, cheered at the Roller Derby, and gone to a house concert. Four of us have landed new jobs.  All of us immersed in March Madness.  Some of us wrote honky tonk songs and had milkshakes at Person Street and danced at Neptune’s, brewed batches of beer and hosted dinner parties and threw a cocktail party.  Actually: we’ve been kind of busy.

There are two parts of the list that are tougher than I thought.  One of the rules is that it counts if anyone in the group achieves the item you wrote down.  So someone else may accomplish your goal for you, or beat you to it.  That was supposed to make it more collaborative, but it kind of takes the wind out of your sails when someone else gets to your goal first.  (That doesn’t mean I can’t still do everything on my list.  That just means it doesn’t have the additional incentive of getting us another point for it.  But whatever.)

The other secret worry I have is that we’ve already checked off most of the goals that are easy, the low-hanging fruit type of things like “eat at Pizzeria Toro,” which is totally worth a trip, BTW.


But you know what?  The fun part of of having a list is the surprises. These weren’t on the 2013 list, but I ended up in Budapest,


and got a job in a skyscraper as a writer, which came absolutely out of nowhere,


and drove part of Route 66,


and went to the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville,


and planted a vegetable garden, and a surprise gorgeous zinnia showed up in the corner.

I got sent on a business trip this week, and when your firm is headquartered in Charleston, a business trip includes crab cakes and champagne and tiny little palm trees in your hotel room.


In no scenario did I imagine that 2013 would include a palm tree in my hotel room.

So.  In the time it’s taken me to write this list, I have gone back and checked our team google doc, and more than one new item has been crossed off.  The list stands at 52, even before Oakwood Cafe, and even even before our halfway point.

Another pleasant surprise, people.  I think this bodes well for 2013, second half.

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