Artisan Cheese Fest

A bunch of us went to the Artisan Cheese fest at The Cookery yesterday.


And by “a bunch of us,” I mean hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people.  Line-wrapped-around-the-block kind of thing.  One-in-one-out at the door kind of thing.  Crazy crowded.  We didn’t wait in line nearly as long as you’d have expected, but people were coming out looking like they’d been in a battle of some kind.  “This is why I hardly ever leave the house!” hissed one woman scuttling out.  But seriously? It was fine.  Way more than fine.  We had a huge time.


I mean, sure, it was bedlam.  But that was part of the fun.  We went straight for the bar, and we all had cold drinks in hand when we found the end of what appeared to be a line snaking around the cheese tables.  It was way too crowded for people to figure out what they were supposed to do, though. I figure about half the crowd proceeded in a line, and half the crowd got a little elbow-y and just crashed in at each table for cheese.  It all worked out.  It’s hard to be too cranky about a crowd, when you have friends and cold drinks.  Oh, and cheese.


There were vendors from all over the place handing out samples and teaching people about cheese science.  I wasn’t listening that hard.  I was sampling. I had to pace myself towards the end, but I think I tasted about 75% of the offerings.

The winner of the day, in my opinion, was American Meltdown, my current favorite food truck.  I already had their fried brussels sprouts once this week when they parked for lunch outside of Lincoln Theater.  Transformative.  We got the last order of them left at the cheese fest.  Someone from American Meltdown also walked through the crowd handing out samples of gazpacho with melt-in-your-mouth cheesy croutons on top.  Those people can cook, y’all.

We hung out until most of the cheese was gone, closed the place down, and declared the event a huge success.



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