March On, Y’all

I went to Moral Monday again tonight.  There were thousands of us there this time.


In case you’re new here, the North Carolina government has been taken over by Tea Party lunatics, and they’re solidly against most things I’m for, and for most things I’m against.   Suffice it to say that I’m a Democrat, former educator, female, pro-environment, pro-public schools, pro-niceness, pro-fairness, pro-social justice, pro-fun, and so forth.  You an extrapolate from there. At the last Moral Monday I went to, I felt discouraged and defeated and powerless.  When the crazies have all the votes, it doesn’t feel like there’s much you can do.  But as the politicians are getting crazier, and more regressive, and more racist, and more underhanded, the people are getting louder,  People are showing up and speaking out.  It’s nice to watch.

So, this weekend I went to the public rehearsal for the NC Music Love Army, the day before they recorded their fund raising album, and that’s when I started to feel better.


When I got there they were working on “Is This Here What Jesus Would Do,” kind of an alt-country song, and it’s a good one.  Next up was the women, singing a blues/funk/hip-hop/gospel song whose basic message was the female body versus the body politic, but it’s much better than that.


The crowd was fired up, by the time those songs were worked out.

The rehearsal was at least as much fun as an actual show would have been, but then, I’m as interested in seeing how things are made as I am in the finished product.  They showed up with lyrics and a loose melody, and worked out the arrangement while everyone watched.  Rhythm and tempo and instrumentation.  It was, “No, let’s try this one with keyboard instead of guitar, and can we have a Motown slap?  Like on the 2 and the 4? And do the last line three times because that’s gospel.”  There was a huge crowd of listeners, and a huge crowd of rehearsers, and it was kind of amazing how fast it all came together. (Did I mention these people are all professional musicians? They know what they’re doing up there, even if they’ve never done that song before.)

The Love Army was at Moral Monday tonight, but they played before I got there.  No matter, we’ll be hearing plenty more from them.  It’s one reason why I’m feeling better about things.  It’s not just the Love Army, it’s the idea that we can all participate in speaking up when things are off-kilter.  We can all show up, be counted, raise a voice, find a way to identify a need, and fill it.

Eventually we’ll vote these people out of office, because that is what we do in a democracy.  I’m no spring chicken.  I know the pendulum swings right, and it swings left, and if you take the long view of things, it spends most of its time swinging back and forth across the center, which is where compromise and productivity happen.

Until then, good people of NC? And good people everywhere else?  Every voice matters. See you next Monday.

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