Late Summer and Cool Breezes

On Monday I won a trip to Philadelphia at work for a fantastic conference.  I get to hear Hillary Clinton AND Nate Silver and a whole bunch of great stuff in between.  I might take the train. I can’t wait.

On Tuesday we had a fabulous band practice. We nailed a couple of songs. It was good enough that I realized that I probably need/deserve/can’t go another second without these boots.


On Wednesday my sweet godson came to town, along with all of his people, and some others, and it was five kids, one dog, one cat, nine adults, and a lot of pizza. It was loud and it was fun. THAT FACE. What a cupcake.

On Thursday I wore an Audrey Hepburn dress, just plain black that I bought on sale at Banana Republic, and got compliments all the way up and down Fayetteville Street, the best being an elderly gentleman who said, “Have a nice day,” and I was halfway through “Thank you, you too,” when I realized he had added “…Miz MANkiller,” which is my favorite (totally untrue) compliment since someone got confused by my Lara Croft thigh holsters at Kirby Derby last year and said I looked like Angelina Jolie. Miz Mankiller made me laugh for the next three days.

On Friday I had a work trip, and spent the meeting casting the Hollywood version of the group including one Jack Black, one Luke Wilson, one Laura Linney, one Bill Murray, one Christopher Lloyd, and one who is SO Jeff Bridges.  I really like my new job.

ImageOn Saturday I went to the Fullsteam anniversary party and caught up with a bunch of my favorites, and then later, although I was heartbroken that it poured down rain and I missed the rain-or-shine Tift Merritt concert (sorry Tift, I know it was beautiful), I loved every second of sitting on a huge sheltered porch with my people, listening to the rain fall and playing Bramble Rose on iTunes in the background instead.


On Sunday we had a popsicle party for our community garden, and when I left my popsicle was winning, and it was in the upper seventies with a breeze.  On August 18. In North Carolina.

It’s been an exceptionally nice week.

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