Hopscotch Thursday: Raleigh Has My Heart

Hopscotch Thursday dawned chill, with a late sunrise and an early autumn mist gathered on my windshield. The sun rose hot, though, and the cool morning gave way to late summer heat again by the time I made it to the Hopscotch Day Party at Sadlacks.

I left work just before noon, like decent people do when Hopscotch comes.  There was music all afternoon, and by the time Hopscotch proper started, it was already good and loud, and then those of us with wristbands went downtown.  I saw some bands today:


and I left a couple of them out of my photos by accident.  Sorry, y’all. But I think I caught at least part of 15 shows.  Not bad for Day 1.

The standouts from the Day Party were Lynn Blakey, (there is no justice in this world if someone with that voice is not already a megastar) and Caleb Caudle and Magnolia Collective. But pretty much everyone was great, and the guy at Sadlacks nicknamed me K-Dogg, which I thought was mighty fine.  All of that would have been quite something already.

It was tonight I was most excited about, though.  The rest of the weekend will be amazing I’m sure, new bands I know I’ll love, pleasant surprises, discovering music I didn’t know I’d like, blah blah blah.  Tonight was Tonk and Chatham County Line, and any day on which either of them plays is a good day. If they play together, well, that’s proof enough for me that the world is an inherently good place.

These are my two favorite bands.  Not my two favorite “local” bands, or my two favorite “Raleigh” bands, or my two favorite “North Carolina” bands, though they are all of those things.  My two favorite bands, anywhere, period.  They were just exactly right, and how they keep getting better at what they do, I don’t know, but they do.  And I stayed out waaaayyyy past my bedtime and will regret a lot of my choices in 3 1/2 hours when I crawl out of bed again, but I won’t regret losing sleep for music. Not music like that, anyway. When it was over, I walked back outside and it was early-morning, early-autumn chill again, and I walked exactly five blocks from all of this world-class music to my house, and marveled (not for the first time) at my good fortune.

Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.  Wait. It already is tomorrow.  Off to bed.

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2 Responses to Hopscotch Thursday: Raleigh Has My Heart

  1. Laura Ball says:

    Hope you have lots of fun at Hopscotch!

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