Love and Laughter

I went to the sweetest wedding this weekend.  It was up in Virginia, in a state park with hiking trails and camping cabins and fantastic Polish Eastern North Carolina food and old friends.  The wedding took place in this little chapel, and it was packed, just packed to the rafters, with big families and piles of well-wishers. And the bride and groom are two of the nicest people anyone has ever met, so wish them well, I certainly do.


My favorite part of the wedding was something I’d never seen before.  The bride and groom each processed in with their entire families, one Polish, one North Carolina, and then the families gave the bride and groom to each other, all together. Then they sent the wedding rings around the congregation so that each person there could hold them for a minute and add some love.  Y’all get married any way you want, people, and it will be beautiful.  But the thing about gathering people you love together to witness your vows is that each person there becomes part of your celebration, and part of your support network.  You know, forever. So during the Warming of the Rings, everyone added a blessing, and then passed them on.  What a lovely way to weave in your people.

When the rings got to my side of the chapel, it was clear that the couple was getting close to needing them back up at the altar, so we passed them on quickly, babies and grandparents and grad school friends and cousins and everyone else, and when they got to me I held them tight for just a second, and wished the happy couple love and laughter.  A whole lot of other things, too. 

Na zdrowie, you two.  Blue skies and many happy days ahead.




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