Let’s Talk It Out

We’re back.


Cooke Street Carnival is Saturday.  Weather should be mild and pleasant; there will be food trucks and a pickle eating contest, and Tonk is playing.  Always show up if Tonk is playing.  That piece of advice is FREE.  From me to you.

If experience tells us anything, it’s that anything can happen, and everyone will be there, and you should probably be there, too. You can find us over at the Advice Booth, giving out advice and cookies.  The cast of characters changes a little every year, depending on schedules, and so do the outfits.  But you can’t miss us.  Come.  Have a seat. Bring a problem.  Bring a solution.  We’ll figure some things out together.

advice booth

We don’t take ourselves all that seriously, mostly.  But we do take advice seriously. We’re good listeners.  We’re good problem solvers.  And while we have our individual strengths and weaknesses- collectively? We are unstoppable. It takes a village, y’all, and we’re there for you.  We have cookies.  We’ve added some opportunities for group therapy. Oh, and we now take credit cards.  We’re THAT level of professional.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we advice givers have a wide variety of styles, and that applies to advice as well as wardrobes.  Need big sisterly advice? I’d send you to Veronica.  She’s spot on, and she knows all kinds of things, and she’ll never make you feel bad when you don’t know something.  Need more of a camp counselor? One who’ll keep you mostly out of the wrong kind of trouble, but keep the right kind of trouble close enough to make things fun? You want Julia. If you need serious advice technique paired with someone who will probably also make you laugh by the time you’re done, that’ll be Betty. She’s really fun. Willow’s the kind who would pour you a beer and ask you just the right questions, and you’d forget you didn’t already know each other and be good friends by the time you’re done. (Sorry, I don’t think we can legally actually pour you a beer.)  My last job before I changed careers was teaching first grade, so if what you want is aw, darlin’, tell me all about it and have an extra cookie, I’m pretty sympathetic and sweet. Unless you have clearly created your own damn problem just to enjoy some drama, and then I will direct you out of that in a hurry, because even teaching first graders I didn’t allow self-created drama. If you’d prefer a clear, no-holds-barred, right-between-the-eyes approach: PJ. Hands down, that’s PJ.  When PJ is through with you, you will KNOW you’ve been advised.  And sometimes that’s exactly what you need: someone to call it like it is.

When we advice givers were all feeling a bit battered and shaky last year after a series of disastrous 2012 events, we all went out after Cooke Street and gave each other advice.  PJ listened patiently to a lot of wailing, and then she went around the table and BAM, one at a time, she stood us all upright again, and it was a little like ripping a band-aid off, and then we all felt much, much better. We talked a lot of things out that night, and we do it all the time because we’re friends, but somehow it’s different when you create a time and a space just for that purpose.  We’re not organized enough to have a mission statement, but if we did, it would be something along those lines: creating a time and a space to say what it is that’s bothering you, and get some objective opinions on how to make it better. We’ll take as much advice as we’ll give.  It’s a group effort.

All hands on deck.  See you Saturday.

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