With This Ring

I’m not telling the story of one of the sweetest weddings I’ve ever attended, because of course it’s the sweet couple’s story to tell. But I will tell you that it was all beautiful, and elegant, and touching, and real. And after the photos and the cocktail hour, when we all sat down to dinner, the bride and groom were introduced to cheers and a lot of love. They held hands, came in smiling, and kicked off the reception by cutting the cake. BAM! That’s the way you start a party. I would have expected no less of these two. Then there were toasts and stories and some throwdowns on the dance floor, and a lot of laughter.

The last song of the night, of course Journey singing “Just a city girl, born and raised in SOUTH DETROIT,” brought the house down. Everybody made a big circle on the dance floor, and the bride and groom did a running high-five with everybody there.

These two. I love these two. I have known these two since way before they knew each other. I knew these two separately, way before I knew they knew each other. Certainly way before they knew we all knew they, like, LIKED each other. I loved them separately, and I love them together even more.

It is a really special thing, y’all, to be asked to stand up next to someone when they make the vows that will bind them together for a lifetime, and don’t think I don’t know it. So we all stood in our fancy dresses in the Michigan late summer evening, and we promised to be a part of their support group from here ever after. (I already was, but now it’s in front of God and everybody.) And then the groom kissed the bride, and their families and friends danced late into the night. They’re off on their honeymoon now, starting the first chapter of happily ever after.


These two? These two will be. Cheers to new beginnings for the people we love.

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