The Axis of Cool, according to the New York Times, runs from Raleigh to Durham and back. Living here is pretty cool, indeed. The author makes no claims to individual coolness, and in fact has no aspirations to such.  The author is just as likely to be the one at a party hiding behind a plant and looking at her feet as acting cool anywhere.  That’s just fine.  There’s room for all types here in the Axis of Cool.  That’s cool, too.

I just tell stories.




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  1. Dan Andrews says:

    Video from that show

    • Hey, thanks Dan! Love the video- great show, right?

      • Dan Andrews says:

        Yeah it was a great show….especially considering that was his first show ever with a fiddler and the first show with that bassist. Stag has a revolving door of musicians. Here’s a clip from the next night at the Kraken with a different rythem section and no fiddler.

      • Dan Andrews says:

        Great name and great blog…keep up the good work.

        I made a film about Michael and his previous band Snatches of Pink in 2007…here’s a trailer

  2. Hi Carolina Gypsy, would you email me please? I am writing from the Nasher Museum and would like to invite you to a bloggers event!

  3. Hello Carolina Gypsy- Thanks. Regarding your blog on Raleigh tornado relief efforts. You’re right. Much remains to be done. I’m helping organize ComeUnityNow– an all day festival replacing Raleigh Wide Open on July 30th. 100% proceeds going to two local charities. We won’t have those horrid $10 beer vendors there. We want vendors who do good along the way, such as The Grilled Cheese Bus. I’m friends with the John & Susan Gilbert and have contacted Elena and Peter about helping us recruit “charity” vendors first. If you want to pass on our event, and the fact that we are seeking local charity vendors, please do. I can be reached at mj@maryjaneclark.org and would like to connect about our community festival. I’m blogging right now at http://www.maryjaneclark.biz/blog/?p=494 on the struggle to raise $100,000 for tornado victims. I’m a Raleigh gal as well. We need some online BUZZ! Best- MJ

    • Hi Mary Jane! Thanks so much for passing along this info. You’re doing a great thing, and it sounds like a good time for all. Count me in! I’d love to volunteer, & I’ll pass along any info you need me to between now and July 30. Looking forward to it- and thanks for rallying everyone for the cause!

  4. Bug Babe says:

    Finally got a chance to check this out. Love it! Keep up the cool work!

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