We Shall Ace This Year

I think 2013 can be more fabulous than 2012 was.  A bunch of us made a list to make it so.  We’re working on it.  C’mon in. Pull up a chair.

The Rules: 

  • everyone does something
  • nobody has to do everything
  • everyone can do anything.
  • one point per success, no matter who achieves it; ten point grading scale, extra credit encouraged.

We shall collectively Ace This Year.

Score to Date: 99 (as of December 29. We totally won.)

  1. eat at Poole’s
  2. take the dawg to a show at Sadlack’s
  3. take a class at the cookery
  4. visit the lemur center
  5. visit the Devil’s Tromping Ground
  6. attend a service at Duke Chapel
  7. eat at SoCo in Wilson
  8. have breakfast at Oakwood Cafe
  9. visit the tiger center in Pittsboro (Carnivore Preservation Trust)
  10. have a cocktail party
  11. have a successful First Friday
  12. go sketching with CAM
  13. compete in/ attend Kirby Derby 
  14. visit Monuts
  15. have pizza at Pizzaria Toro
  16. win a rock-paper-scissors tournament (you know who you are)
  17. attend the Beaufort Pirate Invasion
  18. go to a Fire Pit picnic
  19. attend Merlefest
  20. attend Hopscotch
  21. immerse fully in March Madness 
  22. write a new honky tonk song
  23. see Aretha Franklin
  24. see Calexico
  25. attend a house concert
  26. see an ACC basketball game
  27. see an ACC football game
  28. take an Oakwood Christmas walk-  cocktails and Christmas lights
  29. attend Fire on the Mountain
  30. have a milkshake at Person Street Pharmacy
  31. see Graceland
  32. eat at Mitch’s Tavern
  33. walk the longest Art Trail at the NCMA
  34. tailgate at the Roller Derby
  35. get a new job (four entries)
  36. date someone great (three entries)
  37. get the best hair guy in the Triangle to teach me how to do an updo
  38. find the best empanada in the Triangle
  39. ride a rickshaw
  40. go visit the “new” Pullen Park area
  41. hear the Carolina Chocolate Drops
  42. see a movie on the lawn at NCMA
  43. visit the Cone home in Blowing Rock
  44. bike the Greenway and/or the ATT
  45. visit the Mint in Charlotte
  46. Go to Pullen Park
  47. eat dinner at the Umstead/Herons
  48. visit Grandfather Mountain
  49. camp at Ocracoke
  50. camp in the Shenandoahs
  51. camp at Assateague
  52. get a bunch of people involved in a single art project so awesome you could cry
  53. do Andrea Reusing’s paper bag/bacon/egg thingy
  54. find appropriate way to express gratitude to the Wake County Library System
  55. finish damn book get agent sell book start new damn book 
  56. sing The Weight around a fire with a bunch of friends, FOR REAL, and LIKE WE MEAN IT
  57. attend Floydfest
  58. see a favorite band in an entirely new venue
  59. make an amazing group Halloween costume craft project
  60. visit the Saturday Market at RebusWorks
  61. Take the Triangle Segue tour of downtown Raleigh
  62. Make my aunt Wendy’s Turtle Candy Tart (most amazing dessert ever) and share with all of you
  63. finish my MBA!
  64. make Jeni’s goat cheese w/ cherries ice cream from scratch (and share)
  65. conduct a massive snowball fight
  66. play a game of ice hockey
  67. walk to work at least 5 times
  68. visit the NC Museum of History
  69. visit the NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  70. kayak down the Roanoke
  71. become an awesome fly fisher
  72. surf more
  73. camp/hike more
  74. do something at Duke Gardens
  75. eat at J. Betski’s
  76. eat at Watt’s Grocery
  77. go to another concert in Saxapahaw
  78. get my acidic foods/pickling certification
  79. come up with some sort of food related side business
  80. resume my botanical sketching
  81. do another triathlon
  82. eat tons of smoked shad
  83. build a new composting system
  84. make one new dish a week from my multitude of cookbooks
  85. explore more of the tiny ethnic markets
  86. dance at Neptunes (note: I added this for the young uns)
  87. organize this damn list into a reasonable interactive document, bringing to bear all of our modern resources of technological collaboration
  88. get married (note: the person who wrote this one is already engaged. So that’s not as crazy as it sounds.)
  89. take a gourmet cooking class
  90. host a dinner party
  91. take White Horse to/from a fabulous night out in Durham
  92. stop getting slightly freaked when walking by Oakwood Cemetery after dark
  93. brew a batch of beer
  94. go to a NASCAR race
  95. make a successful artisan loaf in my Dutch oven
  96. make a non-disastrous batch of eggnog
  97. burn my NaNoWriMo novel ceremonially
  98. Stay up all night
  99. create a new drink- inspired by a person
  100. not cuss for two weeks
  101. go over 100 on the list
  102. take a hip-hop dance class at ADF
  103. host a backyard movie night
  104. write a children’s book featuring Granta
  105. do a canvas framing tutorial
  106. eat at Saltbox
  107. kayak on the Haw
  108. bike to work
  109. actually style my hair in the a.m. (once)
  110. have an Oscar viewing party where we all wear our shiny dresses again
  111. run a 5K
  112. listen to WKNC once a week to learn about new/local music
  113. start a nature club- hikes, outings, camping, etc.
  114.  Develop lyrics for a song possibly entitled “Oak City Type of Mind” set to the beat of Jay Z and Alicia Keyes version of “Empire State of Mind” with the hook starting with, “In RALEIGH, Oak City Where Dreams are Made, Oh…There’s nothing you can’t do.. ” Cruizin’ down Glenwood…. and so on..
  115. Go to ATL to watch the Heels continue their trend of winning a Basketball National Championship every four years (2005, 2009, and wait for it – by some form of divine intervention and one of the largest miracles ever, 2013 National Champions).
  116. Ride a bike all the way to Umstead from home/downtown.
  117. Celebrate something at the Wild Turkey Lounge with a round of shots.
  118. Visit the new library on Centennial.
  119. Drive a bucket of balls at the Lonnie Poole course on Centennial.
  120. Enter Beaumont into some sort of competition.
  121. Concoct a signature drink for FOTM.
  122. Learn more about Raleigh history- Civil War, architecture, etc. Enough to mildly impress someone while walking through downtown.
  123. Go to 4-5 local brewery activities this year. Big Boss has an Octoberfest block party, etc.
  124. Go to a Crawdads game.
  125.  Serve oysters on the street whenever we get enough snow to close schools.
  126. Dream up the next Krispy Kreme challenge.
  127. Go to the country medical museum out near Zebulon.
  128. Go sailing on Jordan Lake and camp on an island.
  129. Go to a Friday night race at the Wake County Speedway.
  130. Actually use my couchsurfing.com account.
  131. Take a bike on the Amtrak up to DC when the Cherry trees are in bloom and ride around our nations Capitol.
  132. Find Tracy a nickname.
  133. Take a bartending class at the Crunkleton
  134. have a drink at the Crunkleton
  135. see the Felice Brothers
  136. music night to work through both kinds of songs: country and western

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